Connecting Agriculture, Empowering Futures!

CTA – Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (ACP/EU)

Advancing agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries by promoting the transfer, exchange and utilisation of information.

A major challenge facing many ACP countries is how to enhance their agricultural sectors so as to achieve long-term food security.

The ACP States are facing accelerating change driven by population growth and socio-economic and political transition. Managing this evolution without social crisis, and improving agricultural production without exhausting natural resources, calls for adaptability.
All organizations involved in development need to perceive fast-moving trends and to respond rapidly.

The accessibility, diversity and rapid circulation of information are key elements for achieving these objectives.

CTA’s tasks are:

  • to develop and provide services which improve access to information for agricultural and rural development
  • to strengthen the capacity of ACP countries to produce, acquire, exchange and utilise information in these areas.
    CTA’s partners and beneficiaries include agricultural and rural development agencies – both government and non-government planners and policy-makers, research scientists and technicians, extension workers, trainers, farmers’ cooperatives and associations.